Ethics Policy

Code of Ethics

We do not publish stories about or cover up attacks on individuals or businesses we cover, or on our peers in the sector. We prioritize being objective even while reporting on controversial subjects. Any content that could be construed as political, unethical, or unlawful is often immediately dismissed.

With every article we publish, we work hard to keep our coverage objective and unbiased.

Receiving Approval in Writing and Giving Proper Credit

We always give credit to the sources of our news, whether or not they are official sources or their PR associates (in which case we assume they are). We consider it our responsibility to advance the state of online publishing and the standards of professional journalism.

Every image we use is accompanied by a detailed description of where we found it or if we can’t find the source, we will leave it as is but it will be corrected as soon as we gain the information about it – directly or indirectly.

If you have any changes or updates that need to be made, please email