ETs ‘Repeatedly Deactivated’ Nuclear Weapons because They are Useless, Conspiracist Says

Aliens have turned nuclear weapons on and off to show us how useless they are, according to a lobbyist who believes aliens “pose no threat.”

Stephen Bassett founded the Paradigm Research Group (PRG) and for years has been trying to get the US government to reveal the truth about aliens and UFOs.

The conspiracist reported hearing from witnesses who saw how easily aliens control our nuclear weaponry.

However, Bassett insists that this is not a “threat” and that it actually means that unidentified UAPs (ETs) – as they prefer to call them UFOs – support nuclear disarmament.

“They have deactivated our nuclear weapons several times, does that mean that they are bad?” Message that these things are useless”.

This is not the first time that questions have arisen about alien-deactivated nuclear weapons being deactivated, which would be interested in military bases, says the Daily Star.

Retired US Air Force Lieutenant Bob Jacobs, in an interview with CNN, said that in a missile test an object “fired a beam of light at the warhead.”

The event became known as The UFO Incident at Malstrom Air Base 1967.

“All records, including filming, were confiscated,” said the retired lieutenant, who revealed that it was forbidden to talk about it again.

Earlier, Stephen Bassett reported that NASA is forced by the US government to close live broadcasts from the International Space Station when aliens appear.




Source: Sputnik