Every Selfie Taker Can Feel His Pain As His Worst Nightmare Came True (VIDEO)

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Man lost one of his most valuable objects after trying to take a selfie with a drone from a cliff. The moment has gone viral on  Facebook.

He lost an expensive object to get the best photo. A man went on a hiking trip with his friends. “When I tried to capture the best moment with them, the worst happened thanks to an oversight and everything was recorded.” 

Who has not wanted to take the best ‘selfie’ of his life when you’re travelling with your friends? Most do the impossible, however, many times, he fails in the attempt. This is precisely what happened to the man in this story, after a video was broadcast of the moment when he is preparing to take the best picture and is ridiculed in front of his friends.

The man named Jhon, is from the United States, who was travelling through the Pisgah National Forest, in North Carolina, with his friends, and wanted to get a ‘selfie’ with a drone, from a huge cliff, counted the portal Unilad.

Jhon and his friends were preparing for the best postcard sitting on the edge of the cliff, however, when the man sends the drone to the sky to capture the moment, he gets distracted and puts his cellphone – with which he controlled the device – on the ground, it starts to slip quickly and falls off the cliff before the astonished gaze of the man, who tries to go after it and reach his device, but realizes that it is impossible and only sees it fall until it disappears.

The moment was recorded on video, “When I sent the drone to the sky, I placed the phone next to me on a steep slope and the natural inclination made its mission. I tried to reach the Samsung but, as you can see in the video, it did not work out for me”, the man explained after telling his experience that has unleashed more than a laugh in the Facebook viewers.


Source: La Republica