Fact Checking Policy

We appreciate the significance of language and always take care to use it clearly and accurately in everything from headlines to URLs. Authors should always double-check the facts they use in their work. Names, locations, claims, and accounts that can be used to identify the content are provided. In compliance with our Ethics Policy, writers must verify information independently using only their own discretion and expertise. In the event that it becomes essential, Interesting Engineering has both online and in-house fact-checkers ready to go to work for them. We are committed to being non-partisan, open to genuine criticism and modifications, and transparent with our money and our sources. We confirm the accuracy of the data (as much as we can, within our capacity) with the appropriate parties before posting it online.

This gives no right to any party to unethically sue us or threaten us for the same – our content does not strongly emphasise originality to an extent we get sued.