Falls Sampetrino Who Agreed To Move Cocaine By Plane

The detainee is the son of a businessman from the steel branch and was a candidate for federal deputy for the green party in 2009.

Rodrigo Cortés Gutiérrez , a Mexican pilot and ex-candidate for federal deputy for the Green Party in 2009 , was arrested in San Antonio , Texas , United States, for offering to transport 100 kilos of cocaine in a private plane .

After an undercover operation by the US Department of Homeland Security, he was arrested after he agreed to participate in the transfer of the drug, for which he would receive a payment of $ 120,000.

According to sources close to the case, the arrest took place this Sunday in Texas , when the nephew of a steel businessman received an initial payment of $ 60,000 to transfer the drug.

The informant said that two agents contacted the sampetrino whom they identified as a pilot and who agreed to transport 20 kilos of cocaine from Laredo to San Antonio on their aircraft .

However, the amount of the drug increased to 100 kilos, for which his payment was increased to $ 120,000 dollars.

Official agent Paul Muriel reported that they had three meetings with the now arrested, these registered on 1, 14 and this Sunday May 16 in which he was detained when the initial payment of the operation materialized.

The arrest led to the parking of a restaurant.

When Cortés Gutiérrez was approached and questioned about the money, he replied that it was to buy trucks, the detainee also showed a false purchase order.


Falls Sampetrino Who Agreed To Move Cocaine By Plane


Source: el horizonte