Famous Romanian Singers

Famous Romanian Singers

Romania has produced some of the most popular and acclaimed singers in the music industry. These singers have not only made a name for themselves in Romania but have also gained international recognition with their exceptional talent. From traditional folk songs to modern pop tracks, Romanian singers have created an extensive genre of music that have left an indelible mark on the music industry.

Below are some of the most famous Romanian singers in the past and present:

Nicolae Furdui Iancu

Born in 1932 in Bistrita, Romania, Nicolae Furdui Iancu is one of the most prominent folk singers in Romanian music history. He has won numerous awards for his contribution to Romanian music and has released over 20 albums. His music is a combination of traditional folk songs and modern elements that have kept his fans entertained for over five decades.


Inna is one of the most successful Romanian pop singers of the current generation. Born in Neptun, Romania, in 1986, she is renowned for her energetic stage performances and catchy music. Inna has released several popular songs, including “Hot,” “Sun Is Up,” and “More Than Friends,” that have topped music charts across Europe.

Andreea Banica

Andreea Banica is another popular Romanian pop singer. Born in Constanta, Romania, in 1978, she began her music career at the age of 13 as a member of the pop group, Exotic. She later went solo and released her self-titled album in 2002, which gained her international recognition. Andreea Banica has also represented Romania in the Eurovision Song Contest, where she finished in the top ten.

Tudor Gheorghe

Tudor Gheorghe is a prominent Romanian composer and singer. Born in 1945 in the village of Podari, he is known for blending traditional Romanian folk music with contemporary elements. Tudor Gheorghe’s music is often characterized by its poetic lyrics, complex harmonies, and beautiful melodies, which have earned him numerous accolades over his long and illustrious career.


Who is the most popular Romanian singer?

It’s subjective and depends on personal taste. But some of the most popular Romanian singers are Inna, Alexandra Stan, Andreea Banica, and Loredana Groza.

What genre of music is popular in Romania?

Romania has a rich and diverse music scene, with a strong tradition of folk music. But in recent times, pop, dance, and electronic music have become more prevalent and widely popular.

Who is the most successful Romanian musician?

One of the most successful Romanian musicians is Edward Maya. He is a composer, producer, and DJ, who gained international recognition for his 2009 hit single “Stereo Love.”

What is the traditional Romanian music?

Traditional Romanian music is a unique blend of folk music, which has been influenced by various cultures in the Balkan region. The music is characterized by its use of instruments, such as the cimbalom, panpipe, and violin, and often features complex rhythms and melodies. The most common styles of traditional Romanian music are doina, hora, and sarba.

What is the significance of Romanian music in the world music scene?

Romanian music has had a significant impact on the world music scene, particularly in Eastern Europe. Its unique blend of traditional and modern elements has earned it a dedicated fan base, and its artists have gained international recognition for their exceptional talent. Romanian music has influenced various genres of music, including pop, rock, and electronic music.