Fighters F-15C of the USAF Arrive in the Canary Islands for the Exercise Ocean Sky 19 of NATO

This exercise, organized by NATO, began on Saturday, the 19th and will end on Wednesday, the 30th.

All the Air Wings of the Army (11, 12, 14, 15 and 46, the latter) participate in it based in the aforementioned Canarian base).

In addition, fighters from the 493rd United States Air Force Squadron (493 FS, equipped with the aforementioned F-15C, which are based in RAF Lakenheath, United Kingdom).

And the 151st Turkish Air Force Squadron have also arrived (F-16), a NATO E-3 Sentry Early Warning Aircraft (AWACS) and several transport aircraft.

Check out some of the images down below:




One of the F-15C of 493 FS taking off from RAF Lakenheath, United Kingdom, bound for the Canary Islands last Friday.

This F-15 is one of the fighters of the US Air Force decorated with the marks carried by the US Army aircraft during the Normandy Landing in 1944, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of that battle.

Two of the USAF F-15C upon arrival in Gando on Friday 18. The 493 FS, to which they belong, is a unit framed in the United States Air Forces in Europe.

Firefighters of the Air Force and the 48th Civil Engineer Squadron of the USAF running an emergency exit briefing with an F-15C of 493 FS in Gando.

An Air Force firefighter talking to a 493 FS member next to the cockpit of one of the F-15C.




Source: Outono