First flight of Russia electric aircraft prototype is scheduled for 2020

electric aircraftThe flight of the first in Russia electric aircraft is scheduled for 2020, reported the Foundation for Advanced Research Projects.

“The prototype of a hybrid power plant with an electric motor based on high-temperature superconductivity is planned to be tested at a flying laboratory. The technologies developed for it can be used to create various aircraft, including multi-rotor”, noted the Russian Foundation for Advanced Research Projects.

In Moscow, on the basis of the Central Institute of Aviation Motors, demonstration tests of an electric motor using high-temperature superconductors with a power of 500 kW have already been carried out.

“It is planned to achieve an increase in the specific power of the engine due to the use of second-generation high-temperature superconductors cooled by liquid nitrogen in its design”, said the Russian Foundation for Advanced Research Projects.

The use of high-temperature superconductors will also reduce the size and weight of electric machines and hybrid power plants based on them.

In this case, the main feature of superconductors is a significant reduction, up to almost complete absence, of electrical resistance.

The high-temperature superconductors can be used in electric or hybrid power plants of local airliners, promising rotary-wing aircraft and vertical take-off and aerotaxis.