Five British Airways pilots suspended from flying due to racist statements

British AirwaysFive British Airways pilots are suspended from flying due to racist statements.

The suspensions come as British Airways pilot 46-year-old Manish Patel came forward to British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA), having received racist emails. Alarmingly, some of the emails also contained pornographic images according to various sources. He claims that employees repeatedly insulted him, sent e-mails with racist statements and sent him pornographic pictures of animals.

The allegations include captain Brendan O’Neal, former executive president of the union. He left his post and apologized.

It’s understood that the first time British Airways heard about these allegations was 8 February, when it took immediate action.

“We accept and regret that in the past there have been cases of inappropriate behaviors and emails passing among a small number of Balpa representatives”, said Brian Strutton, BALPA general secretary.

Training captain Russell Williams, who according to his LinkedIn page is also a magistrate, was also suspended from flying. Three more pilots were suspended from work with the possibility of subsequent recovery.