Flight Assistant Makes All Passengers Laugh Out Loud With His Comedic Style of Giving Instructions

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When people get on a plane they concentrate on absolutely anything except what really matters: safety.

Always, when they settle down in their seats, people relax, make a recount of the essential things they will need for the flight, verify the comfort of their place, look around to find out what kinds of companions they have, play Candy Crush, watch a movie, etc…in short, they do everything except look at the crew while giving the safety instructions that should be followed in case of emergency.

And it is that perhaps everyone thinks that they will not be necessary, however, in recent plane crashes it has been said that the result would not have been so serious if the passengers had followed the basic rules such as “do not try to take your luggage”.

Fortunately, just as there are foolish travelers, there are flight attendants who truly love their work and are looking for ways to make it more fun for them and for the people they interact with; this is how a man found a new style to communicate to people the safety recommendations without anyone getting bored or missing a single detail.

The assistant was recorded giving the instructions with a comic touch and showing off his histrionic gifts inside the aircraft that would fly from Canada to the United States.

With jokes, grimaces and funny movements, the passionate flight attendant teaches how to put on the safety belt or the oxygen mask, and indicates where the emergency exits are located.

Source: SDPnoticias