Flight is Delayed Due to Passenger who Believed the Engine was on Fire

A plane of the Delta Airlines airline that was traveling from Mexico City to New York (United States) had to be disembarked after a passenger opened an emergency door when an alleged fire was reported in one of the turbines.

The incident was recorded on Wednesday at 9:20 am (local time) on flight DL8817.

According to one user, “one of the wings was apparently on fire,” which caused the children present to be scared “by the smoke and, above all, because we were about to take off.”

Another passenger, Fermin Klopp, wrote on his Twitter account:

“First time, with a flight scare. Before taking off, the engine of the Delta plane in which we had boarded on fire. Many people in the background come to the middle of the plane running and open the emergency exit.”

The company denied that an incident had occurred, clarifying that the flight was interrupted because one of the passengers had opened an emergency door without authorization.

“During the normal engine start procedure during the push back, a passenger initiated an unauthorized evacuation and opened the door on the left wing. This caused the exit slide to unfold. There was no indication of abnormality in the cabin during engine start-up,” the airline told Milenio newspaper.

The communications area of ​​the airline informed the newspaper El Universal that the engines gave off some smoke when they were started.

The company offered food to passengers, several of whom were treated for nervous breakdowns.

The flight finally departed at 7:10 pm (local time), more than nine hours late.




Source: Larepublica