Follow the Minute by Minute of the Astronomical Event Mercury Transit [VIDEO]

Yesterday at 07:45 am the astronomical phenomenon began in which Mercury passes in front of the Sun and only occurs 13 times in a century.

This event known as planetary transit can be visualized in Peru and other countries in South America, Europe and Asia.

These astronomical phenomena are processes in which the planets pass in front of the sun.

Transits are very important today, because they are the main methods for the detection of extrasolar planets (which is not part of the solar system).

The transit of Mercury can be seen this November 11. This astronomical phenomenon is possible because the planets Earth and Mercury, perfectly aligned with the sun.

Remember that this event happens at a rate of 13 per century. Therefore, if you miss it, you will have to wait until November 13, 2032 to see it again.

Transit will begin at 13 hours and 35 minutes (CET) and will last until the start of the sun. The space event will last approximately 5 hours and 28 minutes.

This is the live transmission of Mercury’s traffic in front of the sun, using a camera in space to get more detail.

Check out the video below:


Source: Larepublica