Footage Filmed Inside a C-101 Fighter Jet of Spain’s Eagle Patrol Shows Pilot Just Before Crashing [VIDEO]

The Pilot tried to rectify the trajectory, but failed. In the beginning, the Ministry of Defense maintained the hope that he had been ejected before the crash and that he could be found alive, but apparently that was not the case.

The remains found lead us to believe the pilot had died on impact, although forensic confirmation is missing.

About 300 people continue the search for the deceased pilot on Monday in a plane crash in La Manga, Murcia. In the aircraft, coordinated by the Maritime Captaincy, involved units of the Civil Guard, the Navy and Maritime Rescue.

Defense confirmed the death of the Eagle Patrol flight instructor pilot that at 9.38 minutes on Monday morning he crashed in to the Mediterranean Sea, two miles off the La Manga del Mar Menor.

Apparently, the pilot did not have time to eject before the collision and the human remains found between the parts of the fuselage dragged by the tide confirmed his death in the absence of the forensic report.

The plane plummeted, according to the video recorded by a swimmer, after not being able to go back after a maneuver and a hundred calls alerted 112 of the incident.

Several beaches near the accident site were closed to the bathroom so that Defense and Civil Guard could study the remains of the plane that reached the shore and reveal the cause of the accident.

To witness the pilot flying the C-101 fighter jet which appears to be just before the crash, see the video down below!


Source: Ondacero & Lavanguardia