Footage Shows Alleged UFO Intercepting and Nearly Crashing into Commercial Plane in Australia [VIDEO]

The video, originally posted by Mavi777 on YouTube, sparked a huge debate on the web, stirring up the supposed evidence that extraterrestrial life is a reality.

According to the channel, a flying saucer is in the sky moving parallel to a commercial aircraft, being impossible to identify “the ship”.

Several citizens have said that aliens are showing that they are real and that they are imminently spreading worldwide, cites the IBTimes portal.

In the face of all the excitement and insistence about extraterrestrial beings, including reports from US Navy members, US President Donald Trump said he did not believe in the existence of otherworldly objects, but that everyone could think about it how they want.

To witness the video footage, check it out down below!

VÍDEO mostra suposto OVNI interceptando avião na Austrália

VÍDEO mostra suposto OVNI interceptando avião na AustráliaLeia Mais:

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