Has The NASA Rover Found an Oasis on Mars?

For many people, space travel seems incredible, and the red planet is often for many the greatest source of incredible things, since the last decades the red planet has been the target of nation research for an attempt at colonization.

For many people it is no secret that Mars in the very distant past was a planet full of life and ended as it is today but despite everything NASA has made a great discovery which has led many scientists to rethink colonizing Mars but to further advance the project.

This is because the exploration rover discovered what appears to be an oasis on the deserted red planet which has the greatest experts stunned, the rover also known as the exploration probe took some soil samples and water for analysis.

The site of the oasis is known as Crater Gale is an area of ​​160 kilometers long which according to speculation could be the result of a massive impact on ancient eras which gives the form of highlands, this theory accompanied by another on small currents that gave I pass to the oasis.

According to NASA, the crater that is now the oasis was once a salt water lake which lay on the surface of the planet and that in times of drought almost dried up, according to experts, the formations mimic the highlands of the earth.

The latter intrigues the experts who have put the probe to work taking samples of the ground at the base of Mount Sharp which has been found to have clay, so experts show wide interest in this area.

For many people this discovery is something important which is often for many more a sign that on Mars there was once life along with a large number of additional tests, this has caused the scientific community to stay on hold on the evidence that may throw the probe.

The discovery of the oasis has caused the scientific community to speculate again if there is any kind of alien life on the planet despite the large number of tests that have been carried out in the past to corroborate it.

For those who investigate the red planet the new discoveries do not cease especially when it refers to locations either discovered by the rover or by satellites that take images of the planet for a better understanding of it, so it will always be under observation.



Source: ufoymisterios