Have You Ever Wondered What it’s Like to Train as a Fighter Pilot? Here’s a Demonstration [VIDEO]

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According to the United States Air Force, F-22 poaching is a critical component of the United States Global Task Force. Many aviation fans dream of flying in a real fighter plane.

The official US F-22 demonstration team UU It has made this dream come closer to reality. The captivating video of an F-22 flight in aircraft formation was posted online on Sunday.

According to the team’s official account, the clip was taken from a legendary single-seat Mustang P-51 cab. The video shows the spectacular and exciting pivot of the F-22 at a relatively small altitude over a rural area. The location of the images is not revealed.

The F-22 Raptors are fifth-generation fighter aircraft, according to aircraft manufacturer Lockheed Martin. The aircraft includes advanced stealth technology and highly integrated computer systems.

In 2017, the US Air Force UU Announced an update to the stealth suite of the F-22 Raptor, adding new weapons and materials to improve the ability of the advanced fighter to attack and destroy targets undetected.

Source: NewsFront