Helicopter Lands in the Middle of the Field Where Peruvian Soccer Team Cienciano was Training

A training of the Cienciano reserve was interrupted by a surprise event.

Nothing less than an army helicopter landed unexpectedly in the sports field where they performed their game exercises.

The situation recorded in Cusco was for the anecdote.

Everything happened in the Nogalpampa stadium, located in the Cusco province of Urubamba.

Around noon on Tuesday, the young Dad players watched with astonishment approaching a ship.

Then, they cleared the sports field and took refuge in the area of ​​the stands.

The helicopter landed smoothly. Two army officers descended.

One of them identified himself as Captain Juárez and explained that both occupants were part of the security entourage of President Martin Vizcarra.

He said the president would arrive in Urubamaba on Thursday to inaugurate a bridge.

After this brief incident, the helicopter resumed its flight and departed, leaving behind a stunned reaction among the players of the Reserve.

Coach Marcelo Grioni shared this impression and said they had no knowledge of the landing, but luckily, nothing happened.




Source: Larepublica