Helicopter Transporting Heart for Transplant Crashes [VIDEO]

Last Friday, November 6, the Agusta Westland A109 medical helicopter, flying from San Diego, California, undertook the mission of transporting a heart that was going to be transplanted to a patient from a hospital in Los Angeles. The thing is that the aircraft crashed just as it reached the landing zone of said medical center.

Quickly the doctors and emergency services of the place began the maneuvers to help the helicopter crew; a pilot and two medics who were not seriously injured. As for the heart, the firefighters managed to remove the organ with the help of an ice pack and without knowing that the chain of misfortunes had not yet ended.

The heart for transplantation was given to a hospital employee to take it to the corresponding area and it would not suffer damage or alterations. However, in a video that was broadcasted by a local news network you can see how the poor man stumbles by accident and the heart flies through the air.

It is worth mentioning that in the end the heart reached its destination and the transplant was made to the patient in question and without major problem.

On the other hand, the local authorities – both medical and transport – indicated that they will begin an investigation to find out what was the true cause why the helicopter collapsed upon arrival at the hospital,  as one of the theories is that the unit already exceeded the number of trips it could take.

Watch the video below to the wild event unfold:



Source: Sopitas