How much does it cost to switch dates of American Airlines Flight?

American Airlines, like every other airline, has its own policies and procedures. Changing your travel with an American airline can be a confusing ordeal. It is possible to change your flight’s departure time or cancel it entirely, but keep in mind that doing so will likely cost you money.

Here are the fundamentals for rebooking an American Airlines flight.

Check your ticket type.

You shouldn’t incur any fees for making changes or canceling your flight if you purchased a refundable ticket. But if you purchased a non-refundable ticket, you’ll have to fork over some cash if you need to make any adjustments to your itinerary.

Make a reservation with American Airlines by calling them

If you phone the airline directly, rescheduling or canceling your travel is usually an easy process. If you used a travel agency or another website to buy your journey, you should contact them directly to inquire about making changes to your American Airlines reservation.

Cover any costs related to modifying your flight plans

For any American Airlines flight changes or cancellations that incur a price, it is imperative that you pay that fee while on the phone with the airline.

For domestic alterations made at the airport or over the phone, the price is $75 plus any fare difference. For overseas travel, the price is $150 and applies even if you’re making same-day modifications.

To make adjustments online, go to ( and click the “My Trips” tab at the top of the page. To locate your trip, please enter your last name and confirmation number. To make a flight swap, go to your itinerary and click the button labeled “Change Flight.” From there, you may pick a new flight from the available options and follow the on-screen instructions to finalize the change.

Be wary of paying higher costs when booking a replacement flight on a busy travel day if you need to exchange your American Airlines ticket for a new flight, as this is the same as canceling your original flight and buying a new one.

Altering Your American Airlines Reservation

If your travel plans have changed and you need to reschedule your American Airlines flight, you have a few options. This article will show you how to make changes to your American Airlines reservation in a variety of ways, including online, by phone, at the airport, and more.

American Airlines Interactive Voice Response (IVR) navigation **involves the following steps:

  • First, visit the AA Official website
  • To sign in, please: *Click the login button
  • To speak with a real person about your booking questions, pick the “contact mode” under the “booking” option.
  • Call by clicking the phone icon, entering the number, listening to the IVR prompts, and finally pressing 1 to choose the language.
  • To reach a live person at American Airlines, press 5. Press 2 for bookings and baggage issues; press 3 for general questions; press 4 for baggage questions; and press 5 to be connected to a human.

You can reach an agent at American Airlines by dialing (888) 217-4364 (tel:+18882174364) (US & Canada) or (800) AMERICANAIRLINES (633-3711 for Spanish support).

  • If you require assistance with your current reservation-related inquiry, please press 1.
  • Press 2 to initiate a reservation modification.
  • Then, after that, press 3 for help with baggage or flight check-in.
  • To speak with a live person at American Airlines (, just press 7.

Live Chat

When customers have questions about how to reach the airline’s customer service department or simply want to speak with a real person, they often search for ways to do so online.

Live chat with this airline’s agents means you may obtain instant answers to your questions. To select for this option, you need to go to the official website and then you may write down the query in the chatbox. They will come online as soon as they read your message. This is the quickest technique through which you can seek the support of live representatives. They’ll be accessible whenever travelers need them. The best assistance is now available at your beck and call.

Send an email

To send questions to American Airlines, you can utilize this clever platform to send an email. Email service is the quickest way to connect to the support team of American Airlines utilizing its email ID to send emails to the clients and it may be utilized when you are unable to reach them via phone call.

Social media

If you want to share your important queries with a live person, you can utilize Twitter ( , Instagram ( , LinkedIn ( and Facebook ( and get the appropriate solution at the same platform instantly, and thus, you can get through to American Airlines customer service comfortably.

Can I text American Airlines?

To receive support, you can contact them at any time from your mobile phone by sending a text message with the word “HELP” to (447950080989). (447950080989). Please supply a working cell phone number to American Airlines. You accept that we may send you text messages through your wireless provider.

American Airlines (888) 217-4364 (tel:+18882174364)

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