How to Obtain Polish Citizenship: Eligibility Conditions

How to Obtain Polish Citizenship: Eligibility Conditions

Polish citizenship is granted to those individuals who have met certain eligibility requirements. These requirements may vary depending on the circumstances of the applicant, but overall, the Polish government has set up strict conditions that an applicant must meet in order to be granted Polish citizenship.

Citizenship by Birth

Polish citizenship can be obtained through birth, and the Polish government identifies those people who have a Polish parent or are born on Polish soil as Polish citizens. A child of a Polish citizen automatically becomes a Polish citizen regardless of their place of birth or the nationality of the other parent.

Citizenship by Descent

Polish citizenship can also be obtained through descent. If a person’s parent or grandparent was a Polish citizen, they may qualify for citizenship. To do so, they must provide documented evidence of the relationship, such as birth certificates or family books, and complete an application process.

Citizenship by Marriage

A foreigner who marries a Polish citizen may also obtain Polish citizenship. However, the marriage must be legally recognized in Poland, and the couple must have been married for at least three years and have been living together in a marital relationship.

Citizenship by Naturalization

Foreigners who have lived in Poland for at least five years and have a valid residence permit may also qualify for Polish citizenship. They must have a clean criminal record, prove their knowledge of the Polish language, and demonstrate their ties to the country by passing a civic integration exam.


What is the required language proficiency level for naturalization?

The level required to obtain Polish citizenship is B1 level or equivalent.

What documents are required for citizenship by descent?

Applicants are required to provide documents such as birth certificates and family books that evidence their ancestral line to a Polish citizen.

How long does the citizenship application process take?

The duration of the process differs depending on the type of application. The application process can take around a year for Citizenship by Descent, two to three years for Citizenship by Marriage, and six months to one year for Citizenship by Naturalization.

Can citizenship be revoked or lost?

Yes, citizenship can be lost or renounced if the individual does not follow the rules of the country or if they commit a serious crime. If a person has dual citizenship, their Polish citizenship can also be lost if they willingly renounce it.

In conclusion, obtaining Polish citizenship requires meeting strict eligibility requirements. These can include being born in Poland, having a Polish parent or grandparent, marrying a Polish citizen, or living in Poland for five years and passing a civic integration exam. Detailed documentation and filing processes are required for naturalization, descent, and marriage applications, which can take up to several years for approval. The status of Polish citizenship can be lost or renounced if the individual does not comply with the law or commits a serious crime. Overall, thorough research of eligibility requirements and lawful procedures is necessary for any individual seeking Polish citizenship.