Huawei developed ICT solutions for the aviation industry

Huawei ICT solutionsHuawei developed ICT solutions for the aviation industry, including a hybrid cloud large data for tracking passenger flow and baggage control, as well as tools for visualizing processes at the airport. These developments help to improve the quality of passenger service at all stages of the travel and increase the operational efficiency and revenue of airlines. The new technologies were presented at the International Symposium on Passenger Air Transport (WPS), which was held on the initiative of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) from October 24 to 26 in Barcelona.

Official reports show that the majority of ICT investments in the global aviation industry are accounted for by the modernization of passenger services, traffic safety, mobile commerce and new technologies. Given these data, when introducing new technologies, special attention is paid to intellectual processes and digital development, and this requires powerful ICT infrastructure and high-tech solutions.

“Digital transformation is a long, but urgent process”, said the President of the Huawei Enterprise Business Group, Yuan Xilin. “The dominant trend among airlines on the road to digital transformation of the aviation industry is the connection to the cloud, primarily to the hybrid one. Huawei provides an innovative, differentiated and high-tech ICT infrastructure to create an open, scalable, adaptive and secure platform. We also work together with partners from all over the world to offer our customers comprehensive solutions for the digital transformation of the aviation industry”, added Xilin.

The Huawei Aviation Cloud exhibition area displays Huawei’s hybrid cloud solution, Big Data platform, cloud-based data center network, and smart modular data center solutions. The cloud-based network solution brings more quick-to-deploy and affordable IT solutions for enterprise branches. Huawei has launched an end-to-end aviation cloud solution and agile WAN solution based on leading ICT technologies such as cloud computing, Big Data, and communications networks. The solutions focus on operation, management, and services of aviation customers, helping improve airlines’ New Distribution Capability (NDC) capabilities, ensure high reliability of critical systems, and accelerate global service deployment.