Illegal Aircraft Carrying over a Ton of Cocaine Detected in the Southern Area of ​​Quintana Roo

The SIVA detects 2 illegal aircraft in the southern area of ​​Quintana Roo.

Two aircraft were detected by the Comprehensive Air Surveillance System at 02:45 in the morning of this Monday, both over the airspace of the neighboring country of Belize.

One of them entered Mexican territory through the area of ​​the banks of the Hondo River and disappeared from the radar when it flew over the area between the ejidos of Pucté and Álvaro Obregón, an area where other aircraft have been secured.

According to unofficial information, both aircraft came from Central America and were destined for the southern zone of Quintana Roo, however the radar at the Chetumal international airport detected both aircraft and air units of the Mexican Navy were immediately deployed to intercept the marks of Radar.

One of the planes disappeared from the radar over the northern area of ​​Belize and the second when it entered Mexican territory through the border between Mexico and the neighboring country, specifically between the communities of Pucté and Álvaro Obregón since apparently the plane landed near this area and was unloaded, to later take off again.

About the plane that was detected in Belizean space, it was found abandoned in the Orange Walk district near the community of Santa Martha.

The Gulfstream G2 jet with the registration XA-DOC was found abandoned in a brush area, with no crew and cargo, presumably carrying more than a ton of cocaine hydrochloride.

While the plane that entered Mexican territory was not located, so there is a strong operational deployment by the Mexican army, the Mexican navy, as well as the National Guard.

So far this year, 6 aircraft have been secured in the southern area of ​​Quintana Roo and although federal authorities have announced that they have increased aerial surveillance, the route of drug trafficking through the southern area of ​​the country continues to increase.





Source: Turquesanews