Impressive Image From Space Simultaneously Captures the Advance of the Solar Eclipse and the Swirl of a Hurricane

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Natural spectacle Image shows that the moon shadow crosses the Pacific Ocean during the total solar eclipse that occurred this July 2.

The night covered for a few minutes to South America this July 2. A total solar eclipse delighted the countries of the region and although there are multiple photographs of the astronomical spectacle there is one that is even more impressive: an image from the space in which two spectacular natural phenomena converge, which were captured by a meteorological satellite.

The aspect that most attracts the attention of the image is that next to the dark shadow of the Moon when crossing the Pacific Ocean during the total solar eclipse, the hurricane Bárbara advances.

The spectacular snapshot was captured by GOES-West, a meteorological satellite that is part of a joint project of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the United States (NOAA) and NASA.

Then, other meteorological stations made an overlay of the images taken by the satellite showing the progress of the hurricane and the eclipse.

On Tuesday, July 2, millions gathered in regions of Chile – a country that prides itself on having one of the best skies in the world to enjoy astronomical shows – in order to celebrate the passage of the only total solar eclipse, a phenomenon that will not be repeated until 2058.

Source: Larepublica