Impressive Image of a Vortex During a Storm on Jupiter

NASA has released an “incredibly detailed” image on Thursday, showing a vortex that was captured during a cyclonic storm in Jupiter’s atmosphere.

According to a statement, this formation, approximately 2,000 kilometers wide, was recorded on November 3 by the Juno probe, in the region of the north north north north temperate band (NNNNTB).

It is necessary that at that time the device was about 8,500 kilometers from the top of the gas giant’s clouds.

The published image appeared thanks to the work of scientist Kevin M. Gill, who created it using the data provided by Juno.

From NASA they indicated that the color of some of the clouds in Jupiter is explained by the presence of gases containing sulfur and phosphorus, which arrive from inside the planet, composed largely of hydrogen and helium.



Source: Extranotix