Indian Man Radically Modifies his Car to Look Like a Helicopter and the Result is Shocking [VIDEO]

A shocking YouTube video reveals the appearance of the car of an Indian man, who tuned his car to look like a helicopter. The subject plans to sell it at an unexpected price.

You will want to have it too. Through YouTube, a video was shared showing the new image of a small car, which an Indian man remodeled to look like a helicopter.

The appearance of the vehicle surprised thousands of users in Mexico, the United States and Spain.

Mithilesh Kumar, an Indian man, fulfilled a dream he had since childhood. He always wanted to have a helicopter, and although he doesn’t have it now, he could ‘create’ a vehicle that is similar to the one he loved so much.

The 23-year-old posted a video on YouTube that shows the appearance of his car that he modified to look just like the helicopter he imagined as a child.

The boy who always wanted to pilot one of these air vehicles was happy with the result.

Kumar said he spent around Rs 70,000, equivalent to $9,800 to alter the image of his small car. However, he has recovered much of the money by hiring him for weddings.

Thousands of YouTube users were amazed at the new look of their car. The story of Kumar and his car has left the valuable lesson that dreams can come true with just a little ingenuity.


Source: Lareplubica