Iran Confirms that Two Missiles Shot Down the Ukrainian Plane “by mistake”

When confirming the suspicions of previous days, this January 21, Iran acknowledged that there were two missiles that “by involuntary error” shot down the Ukrainian plane, last day 8.

According to a preliminary investigation report published Tuesday, the demolition of the Boeing 737 of Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) occurred by the launch of the Tor-M1 missiles.

These are short-range land-to-air projectiles, originally designed in the Soviet Union. This was indicated by the Iranian Civil Aviation Organization.

This agency said it is still reviewing and analyzing “the effect of missiles on the incident.”

The option that there were two missiles involved in the incident and not just one, was advanced by The New York Times.

The American media published a video that apparently showed the firing of two projectiles.

The analysis of the black boxes is essential to clarify all the causes of the accident of the Ukrainian plane. However, Iran seems reluctant to deliver the devices.

The report of the Civil Aviation Organization of Iran acknowledged that the country does not have the capacity to analyze them. In that sense, he asked other countries to send the necessary equipment.

This request was made to the accident investigation agencies of France (BEA) and the US (NTSB) but, “these countries have so far not responded positively to the transfer of such equipment.”

On Tuesday, the Iranian authorities asked the United States and France for support to decipher the black boxes. The information was released by the Al Arabiya television channel, citing the Iranian Civil Aviation Organization.

On January 20, the head of the incident investigation department of this organization, Hassan Rezayefar, said authorities will transmit the data to Ukraine.

The TOR-M1 9A331-1 ground-to-air missile system (NATO code: SA-15 Gauntlet) is an integrated air mobile defense system manufactured by The Russian Defense Industry.

It was designed to accurately defend specific targets from attacks by airplanes, helicopters and guided ammunition.

The basic component of the system is a combat vehicle mounted on a cross-country track chassis of the intermediate weight category.

The TOR-M1 combat vehicle can detect moving aerial targets to launch missiles, even at two targets of greatest threat.




Source: Cambio16