Is there a Cheesecake Factory in London or the UK?

The Cheesecake Factory is an American family restaurant that provides a classy but relaxed ambiance, perfect for celebrating or just hanging out with friends, and specializing in, you guessed it, amazing cheesecake.

If you’re an American who has been to a Cheesecake Factory in the United States, you may be curious as to whether or not there is a Cheesecake Factory in the United Kingdom or a Cheesecake Factory in London.

It’s an American icon.

“Does the United Kingdom, England, or London have a Cheesecake Factory?”


We’ll get into why so many Brits would welcome the restaurant chain if it came to London and the rest of the UK, but for now, know that there isn’t a Cheesecake Factory there.

Background of the Cheesecake Factory

The original Cheesecake Factory restaurant opened its doors in 1978 in California, an appropriately patriotic state for what has become one of the world’s most ubiquitous restaurant chains.

Cheesecake and an insanely extensive menu were the initial draws.

I mean, if you haven’t been to a Cheesecake Factory before, you should know that their menus are enormous and include literally every conceivable combination of sandwiches, pastas, meats, and sides.

As many as fourteen different dishes can be ordered from that menu at the same table.

Cheesecake Factory initially appeared outside of California in the 1990s, in Washington, DC, and has since expanded to approximately 200 outlets around the United States.

Despite having already grown into Asia, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and more, Cheesecake Factory has shown no signs of international expansion in the UK.

Nonetheless, that hasn’t stopped Cheesecake Factory devotees in the UK from making an effort.

The demand for a Cheesecake Factory in the UK has spawned a Facebook group of its own.

As popular as Cheesecake Factory in the UK

It’s true that Devon’s Okehampton was formerly a cheesecake factory. It used to supply quality cheesecakes to every major grocery store except Morrisons and was a member of the Mcvities Group. Nearly all of the industry! About 400 workers were churning out 6 thousand units each minute.

But in short: Costco sells a few varieties of “cheesecake factory” cheesecakes in several UK locations for people who simply must have cheesecake.

Here you go with the issue. Enjoy your cheesecakes lads!

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