Is there a dairy queen in the UK?

Surely you’re familiar with Dairy Queen and maybe have even entertained the idea of opening one of your own. Dairy Queen, or “DQ,” is a popular American brand that is largely unknown in the United Kingdom. A fast food and soft-serve ice cream franchise. But could you set up shop in the UK?

Across the United States and Canada, there are more than 6,600 of these wildly popular restaurants. There are two thousand branches in twenty-two different nations, but the United Kingdom isn’t one of them. Investors have shown interest in opening a Dairy Queen in the UK, but as of yet, there isn’t one there.

Dairy Queen: A Brief Background

The original soft-serve recipe for Dairy Queen is credited to John Fremont McCullough and his son. Before McCullough’s retirement in 1950, they had over 4,000 stands.

The first ever sale of a Dairy Queen product took place in 1938 in Kankakee, Illinois, for the low, low price of ten cents. Sherb Noble, the owner of an existing ice cream shop, agreed to stock and sell McCullough’s new frozen dairy formula.

Supposedly, within two hours of adding the new product to his shop’s offerings, Noble had already sold over 1,600 servings. Because of this achievement, he decided to launch the first Dairy Queen on June 22, 1940. Since its inception, the brand has been available as a franchise, allowing for its rapid growth and international expansion.

It’s safe to say that the secret recipe for the new dairy treat was kept under tight lock and key.

DQ, an early franchising leader, expanded rapidly from 10 locations in 1941 to 100 locations by 1947. More than 2,600 stores had been opened by 1955.

Having joined Berkshire Hathaway’s family of companies as an affiliate in 1998, International Dairy Queen, Inc.

Does the United Kingdom has a “dairy queen?”

No, there have been attempts to launch it and get a franchise but no attempts have been successful yet.

Could I open a Dairy Queen franchise in the UK? Get a franchise?

Dairy Queen has expanded internationally, but at the present time, there are no franchise opportunities available in the United Kingdom. It’s possible that the company is wary of expanding into the UK due to a lack of name recognition there.

Competing franchise businesses, such as Steak and Shake, have also tried and failed to break into the British market. The franchise’s reluctance to expand across the Atlantic is likely a result of the aforementioned transitions’ failures.

The fact that Dairy Queen isn’t currently available in the United Kingdom is no guarantee that it won’t be in the future. Seeing if they have started up a franchise operation in the UK is something to keep an eye out for.

Dairy Queen Alternatives in the UK

Tatenhall’s Own Ice Cream Farm

Their artisan ice cream has won multiple awards, making them stand out from the crowd. Everything is made using cows raised on the farm.

A perfect destination for a family outing, where you can spend the day exploring the farmland before relaxing with several (or more!) scoops of ice cream.

Cheshire’s Snugburys

Thirty years ago, Hannah, Kitty, and Cleo took over the family business from their parents, who had begun making ice cream using their own milk on the kitchen table.

As word of mouth spreads, customers now travel from far and wide to experience the company’s now legendary, ultra-fresh flavor. Three hundred thousand scoops were served just last year.

Milk Train (London)

In all of London, we’d have to say that these ice creams and sweets are the most photogenic and Instagrammable. Taking a picture of the candy floss ice cream before it melts completely is like trying to capture a work of art.

A mouthwatering dollop of flawless perfection.

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