Israel Will Buy Refueling Aircraft In Flight From The US UU

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Israel will buy refueling aircraft in flight from the United States, marking the first time that the Jewish state has agreed to do a business of this type with Washington.

According to the news of Channel 12, on Tuesday Israel will buy eight Boeing KC-46 Pegasus aircraft , which the United States Air Force received earlier this year.

These aircraft will replace the current fleet of obsolete aircraft from the Israel Air Force, which includes the KC-130 “Hercules” and the improved Boeing 707.

The report says Israel will buy the aircraft using the $ 3.8 billion in defense military assistance it receives annually from the US, and that the total value of the aircraft will exceed $ 1 billion.

The Air Force of Israel (IAF) is expected to begin accepting aircraft within two years, the network said.

“As for the US Air Force. UU, For the Israel Air Force [the KC-46] gives them the opportunity to get in touch and do what is necessary, whether it is humanitarian operations or combat,” Colonel.

According to a Globes newspaper report, Boeing would not grant Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) permission to convert 767 aircraft used in refueling aircraft, which would be significantly cheaper than buying new KC-46s.”


Source: IsraelNoticias