“It’s like an Alien scene, just before they resurrect”: A Video Shows how Astronauts Sleep in Space

Lewis Vaughan Jones, a BBC journalist, shared a video on his Twitter account last week in which you can see how astronauts sleep in space: in weightless conditions.

While some members of that space mission slept in an upright position, others were lying with special belts on, which limited their movement.

“It’s much more creepy than I imagined,” the journalist said in his post.

It should be noted that the video in question was already disseminated on the Internet years ago, but Lewis Vaughan Jones once again called attention to the issue through its publication.

His tweet has accumulated more than 310,000 views. At the same time, numerous users compared the images with a sequence of the Alien movie.

“It’s like an Alien scene: just before they resurrect,” said a citizen.

See the viral Twitter post down below:


Source: ActualidadRT