Japan Resumes Flights of its F-35A Four Months After the Accident of One

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Japan resumes flights of its F-35A four months after the accident of one of them.

According to data from the Ministry of Defense, cited by the media, “exhaustive” security measures such as inspections of the fighters and additional training of the pilots were taken before the start of the flights.

Japan has 12 F-35A fighters, and the military confirmed that the Asian country is still willing to buy more F-35A from the US to put a total of 105.

On April 9, one of those planes disappeared from radar during air training.

The fragments of the aircraft were found in the Pacific near the Misawa base, in Aomori prefecture; The pilot, 41, died.

In June, the Ministry of Defense concluded that the incident occurred because the pilot suffered from vertigo.


Source: SputnikNews