Leasing company Avation PLC orders another eight ATR 72-600

The leasing company Avation PLC confirmed the order for eight more new aircraft ATR 72-600, which will be delivered between 2020 and 2022. The passenger aircraft leasing firm said the eight ATR 72-600 planes would extend its order book and firm delivery horizon, with business growth in regional turboprops now continuing out to 2022.

Furthermore, the Singapore-based lessor has maintained its purchase rights and price protection for a further 25 aircraft.

“This order for eight additional aircraft extends Avation’s order book and firm delivery horizon and continues the business growth in regional turboprops out to 2022”, said the CEO of Avation PLC, Jeff Chatfield. “In addition to this order, the company has maintained its purchase rights and price protection over a further 25 aircraft extending to December 2025. We equally confirm our willingness to potentially convert some of our orders and or options to the freighter version which we foresee to have a positive outlook. We believe that the market for the ATR 72-600 will continue to be strong as the aircraft is the most fuel-efficient aircraft in its class and dominates sales in its market segment. Avation is satisfactorily positioned as one of a few Lessors with a modest number of forwarding positions to offer to our airline customers”, added he.

Avation PLC owns 16 ATR 72-600 and a further six ATR 72-500 turboprops, which are leased to various airlines in Europe, Asia and Australia. The company now has eleven ATR 72-600 on order. In addition, Boeing 777-300ER, Airbus A330-300, A321, as well as A320 and A220 aircraft are also owned by Avation and leased to other operators.