Light aircraft Beechcraft Sierra made emergency landing at Cheboksary airport in Russia

Beechcraft SierraLight aircraft Beechcraft Sierra made an emergency landing at Cheboksary airport in Russia. The airplane was making a monitoring flight around the fire territory in vicinity, but landed on the runway with retracted landing gear. Fortunately during the accident, the pilot and passenger on board were not injured, but the plane suffered damage to the ends of the propeller blades and the flap of both wing consoles. The further details and circumstances around the accident were not revealed.

The senior assistant of the Chuvash transport prosecutor and the investigation team arrived on the scene to follow an investigation. The circumstances, the reasons guilty of what happened, as well as the amount of damage caused will be established.

Based on the results of the prosecutor’s inspection, the necessary set of response measures will be adopted, aimed, among other things, at preventing such incidents from occurring in the future. In addition, the transport prosecutor’s office took control over the progress of the pre-investigation investigation conducted by the investigative authorities on this fact.

The Beechcraft Sierra is a solid, comfortable airplane that is pleasant to fly, and manages a respectable 140 knots true. There are also a number of lesser aesthetic and intangible qualities that might sway a prospective purchaser or renter. The dual wing spar structure consists of a rear spar of conventional stamped aluminum and a forward spar of stronger extruded aluminum. The gear, made from magnesium casting and aluminum forgings, is attached directly to the spar, which contributes to the strength of the structure, according to a Beech spokesman.