Light airplane Chaika S-72 Okhotnik crashed into a building in Russia

Chaika S-72 Okhotnik crashedA light private airplane Chaika S-72 Okhotnik crashed into a garden area hitting the corner of a country house in Moscow region, Russia. The two people on board of the aircraft died in the crash, but fortunately, there were no victims on the ground, as the house is not residential. The emergency team responded to the accident and prevented subsequent fire. Unfortunately, they were unable to rescue the two people on board of the aircraft.

The Interstate Aviation Committee formed a commission to investigate the accident. The work of the commission is underway.

The house was located in Kolomensky District in Moscow Region. Luckily it was not residential, which prevented having victims on the ground.

The crashed aircraft Chaika S-72 Okhotnik is unique, monoplane with the upper wing. The airplane features with tricycle landing gear with a self-orienting tail wheel and separate braking of the wheels of the main supports, as well as four-seater cabin, an independent flight control system for three channels, duplicated by control elements. The airplane has registration RA-2613G.