Luggage packing systems with credit card payment were launched at Simferopol airport

Simferopol airportLuggage packing systems with the possibility of credit card payment and without the operator’s involvement were launched at the airport Simferopol. This is expected to speed up the process of luggage packing and improve the satisfaction of the customers. Also the lack of human factor in money payment will improve the profitability of the system.

“The terminal issues a change and a check. After payment, the information goes to the baggage packing machine itself and the operator carries out the packing”, says the press service of the Simferopol airport.

Passengers can also weigh luggage when packing it. The luggage is packed in less than one minute. Baggage packing systems are equipped with video cameras.

Simferopol Airport was built in the 1940s and now can accept all types of aircraft. International flights there have not been carried out since 2014, this is due to sanctions imposed after the entry of Crimea into Russia. Since November 2016, a new terminal of the airport complex with an area of ​​78,000 square meters has been under construction.