Man Arrested at the Foz do Iguazu Airport After Getting Caught with Cocaine Taped Around His Body

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On the morning of Tuesday, a 41-year-old Argentinian from Buenos Aires was arrested at the Foz do Iguazu International airport, when he tried to board a plane bound for Lisbon, Portugal with almost 1.8kg of cocaine attached to the body.

The man, whose identity did not transcend, had bulky legs containing 1,795kg of cocaine.

The discovery by the Brazilian authorities occurred as they noticed that the passenger when passing through the inspection channel behaved suspiciously and this caught the attention of the troops who proceeded to submit it to the body where they managed to visualize the drug.

The man declared that he is a native of Buenos Aires and that an Argentine man also offered 5000 euros to transport the drug from Paraguay to Portugal.

Source: ElTerritorio