Man Claims to Have Filmed a UFO Fleet in the Middle of the Atlantic Ocean [VIDEO]

A video that has been circulating in different social networks has caused a great impression among the citizens. And in the images you can see 14 bright balls of light that fly over the Atlantic Ocean, near the coast of North Carolina, in the United States.

The user in charge of making this clip known was William Guy, who used his YouTube account to ask his users what they thought.

“Can anyone tell me what that is?”, Because “there is nothing around” because they are “in the middle of the ocean.”

He was immediately consulted in which part of the ocean he had registered such material, to which Guy specified that he witnessed the bright balls while moving from Ocracoke Island to the town of Swan Quarters on September 18.

Also, the publisher did not give more information or specify how long those lights remained in the sky.

Many questioned not saying where the camera was oriented, if it had other graphic documents or if more passengers recorded the phenomenon.

At the moment some definitive explanation is unknown about what has happened, although one person suggested that it could be training objectives for military aircraft.

However, other citizens said they were UFOs.

Check out the viral Youtube video down below!


Source: Elpopular