Man Gets Trapped Inside Tornado and Decides to Film the Incredible Moment

A few days ago, US authorities reported that a dangerous storm system in the Midwest of the United States produced several tornadoes that caused serious damage to buildings in Missouri.

The meteorologist Reed Timmer, renowned for investigating these formations, decided to venture, record the strong winds and study their density and behavior without imagining what would happen.

When he was filming the tornadoes, he was trapped inside one and recorded inside , despite the danger he was risking to undergo.

The recording was made on May 17 and Timmer ran with luck to leave unharmed. To see that there was no way to escape the fierce tornado, the meteorologist took out his cell phone and recorded what he was living.

Then he shared the recording on social networks and quickly went viral.

For its part, the meteorological warnings coordinator of the Storm Prediction Center of the National Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Patrick Marsh, reported that on Monday, 26 tornadoes were reported and six more on Tuesday.

“This is a serious situation. We ask the society to be alert of the messages of the authorities to avoid a tragedy “

On Tuesday, a tornado occurred near Tulsa, Oklahoma’s international airport. As a result, one person wound up and several buildings were damaged. On the other hand, passengers waiting for  their flight were transferred to a hotel where they stayed for 30 minutes.

Kim CacLeod, Tulsa Emergency Management spokesperson, explained that the rescue teams helped a man who was trapped under a fallen tree, a situation that was also experienced in Arkansas, but with a female.

Monday’s storms turned over some mobile homes in Hickory County, Missouri, and seven people were injured. Four were taken to the hospital and three more are recovering.

The authorities of this state explained that they also helped people through several flash floods. Among them an eighteen-year-old woman who was dragged along a road and was rescued thanks to the neighbors who heard her scream.

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