Man Survives Plane Crash in Quebec Wilderness and Recorded Everything

This pilot saved his own life because he activated the parachute of the aircraft, but spent about five hours injured in a forest until he was rescued by members of the Canadian Air Force.

Shortly before taking down a tree, he crossed the lower part of the cabin of the device, tore his leg and shattered his pants: “A few centimeters in another direction and it would have caused me a mortal wound,” said the injured man.

“Possibly, I would have been there for many days and didn’t have the supplies to survive,” the aviator added, but the smoke signals he sent after lighting a fire allowed Canadian authorities to locate his exact location.

In the video, which ends with his rescue by helicopter, Lehtinen expresses his gratitude and says he began recording for other people to “learn from this experience.”

Check out the extraordinary video which has started to go viral down below!


Source: HSBnoticias