Man Using Hang Glider Collides with Paragliders and They Fall into the Forest

The accident in flight was captured by a camera installed in the device planned by this 60-year-old man.

Louis Charland never imagined that he would record what could have been his last trip in hang gliding.

The Canadian was flying over Mount Yamaska, in the province of Quebec, when two paragliders crossed the road.

In the images captured by the GoPro camera, it was possible to see how the hang glider and the paraglider collided in the air and almost ended up entangled.

Despite Charland’s efforts, the hang glider rushed into a forest.

Fortunately for the wingman, he only suffered some minor scratches and injuries. The paragliders also came out well.

Louis Charland published his dramatic experience on Facebook, with the following message: “A video is worth a thousand words!”

Watch the viral Facebook video down below!



Source: Caracoltv