Mexico Sends Military Plane Via Peru to Pick up Evo Morales

In case they were on the lookout of how Evo Morales was going to come to Mexico, the Peruvian government has just confirmed that our national authorities sent a military plane to pick it up.

The aircraft landed in Lima and took flight to pick up the – ex-president? – from Bolivia in his homeland.

From there they will grab their way back along the same route.

By the way the doubts are cleared: it will be Peru who lends his airspace to Evo Morales for his departure.

Although from the afternoon of Sunday, November 10, governments from neighboring countries to Bolivia were playing hot potato to see who had to raffle for the controversial president, it ended up being Peru – thanks to the intervention of Mexico.

“At the request of the Government of Mexico have granted permission for overflight and refueling in our country to a Mexican official plane, which departed at 6:30 pm bound for Bolivia”, reported in an official statement.

The truth is that they never mentioned Evo Morales but they pointed out that the situation was related to diplomatic asylum.

“The Government of Peru reiterates its commitment to a peaceful transition and within the constitutional order in Bolivia, as expressed in our statement on Sunday, November 10,” they said.

According to the authorities, the military plane that Mexico sent to pick up Evo Morales left for Bolivia at about 6:30 in the afternoon (5:30 from Mexico) and incidentally loaded fuel.

The French news agency AFP managed to confirm that the national plane was already in Peru since 3 p.m, the time when Marcelo Ebrard publicly announced this news.

In a message posted on their social networks, Marcelo Ebrard confirmed that the Bolivian president is already on the Mexican plane.

Evo Morales is already on the Mexican Government plane sent to ensure his safe transfer to our country,” he wrote.

The flight times are uncertain, but if you want a calculation, expect Morales to touch Mexican soil at about 1 in the morning, a little earlier.


Source: Sopitas