Military Pilots Record UFOs Flying Over the United States

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“Wow, what’s that, man!” Exclaimed a pilot, “look how he flies!”

Unidentified flying objects (UFOs) were seen almost daily between the summer of 2014 and the spring of 2015 in the skies of the East Coast. The witnesses were not dubious characters but elite pilots of the US Navy , who reported it to their commanders in the Pentagon and even to Congress.

“Those things were out there all day,” explains one of them, Ryan Graves, to The New York Times. “Keeping an airplane in the air requires a remarkable amount of energy; At the speed at which we saw them, 12 hours in the air is 11 hours more than we would expect, “Graves explained.

This F / A-18 fighter-bomber pilot, who has been in the Navy for a decade, was referring to unidentified objects in odd shapes (one looked like a spinning top against the wind, another looked like a cough pad the size of a commercial airplane).

Sometimes, they were recorded on video. On at least one occasion, they were about to collide in the air against the fighters. They do not seem to have an engine, but they can reach 30,000 feet at supersonic speeds. Nobody says they are extraterrestrials, but there does not always seem to be a plausible explanation.

Both Graves and four other pilots with whom he spoke insist that they saw those objects during training maneuvers with the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt on the sky between Virginia and Florida. They do not provide any possible explanation.

The Navy does not have an official version either, but it has released this year a secret manual on how to report a meeting of its pilots with a UFO.

In some cases it may be commercial drones, explains a spokesman, Joseph Gradisher, but in other occasions “We do not know who is behind it, we do not have enough information”.

The sightings of 2014 and 2015 were reported to a little-known secret Pentagon program “for the identification of aerospace threats.” Its head, Luis Elizondo, resigned in 2017 after calling them “an amazing series of incidents.”

Its extraterrestrial origin “is so unlikely that it competes with other explanations that are also unlikely and more mundane,” argues Leon Golub, an astrophysicist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center.

As possible explanations points to errors in aircraft detection devices, effects or atmospheric reflections , or even errors in the senses of pilots due to the abundance of stimuli in a high-speed flight.

“People have been seeing strange things from military planes for decades,” says pilot Ryan Graves, “it would be very fat if there was something up there.”

His partner Danny Accoin says that he crossed paths twice with these objects, capable of accelerating, braking and re-accelerating at supersonic speeds like no known plane.

The first time, it appeared on his radar but he could not see it. A few days later, one of his missiles detected him as a possible target, and he also appeared in his infrared camera, although he could not see it either.

The pilots speculated with the possibility that it could be a secret program of aircraft or drones of the last generation.

But the fact that a catastrophe was touched when one of those objects (described by the pilot as a sphere with a cube inside) happened next to a plane convinced the pilots that such a program would not be allowed in a maneuvering zone by the danger that would entail.

Also, UFOs do not behave like a normal plane. “Speed ​​does not kill,” Graves explains, “braking or accelerating, yes.” These objects go from zero to supersonic speed almost immediately, and they draw curves that go beyond what a pilot could resist.

“When people say they have observed really strange phenomena, sometimes it is worth investigating seriously,” says astrophysicist Sara Seager, but “what people sometimes do not understand about science is that we often have phenomena that remain powerless.”


Source: Telemundo