Missile Attacks are Reported Near the US Embassy in Iraq

Two explosions were recorded in Baghdad, capital of Iraq.

According to the first reports were three missiles that fell in the Green Zone very close to the United States Embassy.

It seems that no victims are reported.

According to reporters located in the conflict zone, the missiles aimed at the US embassy but did not directly impact it.

These are two or three missiles that were fired from eastern Baghdad.

Attack alarms were activated in the area but so far there is no count of damage or possible fatalities.

So far, it is unknown which group the attacks come from.

Recall that yesterday, January 7, after the attacks on two US military bases, Iran said that if the United States stopped the attacks, then they also stopped it.

In the morning the president of the United States, Donald Trump, said they were ready to “shake hands” with Iran and that they could work together on all their priorities.


Source: Sopitas