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Mohammed Bin Salman Net Worth Family, Career & More

Saudi Arabia, famed for its vast deserts, rich oil reserves and strict interpretation of Islamic law has witnessed major transformations over recent years. One individual often associated with these changes is Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud; serving as Crown Prince and Prime Minister has left an indelible mark on Saudi history.

Who is Mohammed bin Salman?

Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud (MBS), commonly known by his initials. Born August 31st 1985 to Fahdah bint Falah ibn Sultan and King Salman bin Abdulaziz respectively. MBS was given his current titles after succeeding them on August 31, 2007.

His royal roots trace back to powerful tribal chiefs. His mother is the granddaughter of Rakan bin Hithlain and the great-granddaughter of Dhaydan bin Hithlain, leaders of the influential Al Ajman tribe. This lineage, combined with his father’s guidance, influenced Mohammed’s keen interest in politics from an early age. He developed his communication skills by accompanying his father to various official gatherings.

What is his educational background?

Mohammed bin Salman pursued higher education at King Saud University in Riyadh and graduated with a bachelor of law in 2007. With this education and his desire for change at his heart, Mohammed founded numerous companies and nonprofit organizations throughout his life. These endeavors aimed to promote entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia, offering a glimpse of his vision for a diversified and modernized Saudi economy.

How did he rise to power?

Mohammed began his political journey in 2009 as an official advisor to his father, then Governor of Riyadh. However, Mohammed’s political standing really took off after becoming Crown Prince. Following King Abdullah’s death and Salman taking up his throne as King Salman. Recognizing Mohammed’s capabilities, King Salman promptly named him the defense minister, further cementing his influence in the nation.

What is his net worth?

Mohammed bin Salman stands among the world’s richest figures with an estimated personal net worth estimated at $25 billion, as evidenced by his vast fortune and influence spanning both domestic and global politics.

What is the House of Saud?

The House of Saud is the dominant dynasty of Saudi Arabia since 1932 and boasts an estimated 15,000 members with a collective wealth estimated at an astounding $1.4 trillion; that sum surpasses that of Britain’s royal family sixteenfold!

Where does the House of Saud reside?

Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud is one of the prominent members of the House. His residence at Riyadh’s Al Yamamah Palace dates back to 1983 when construction started – this palace covers over 4 million square feet! Its architectural grandeur, featuring an Italian marble floor, artistically adorned walls, and intricately carved ceilings, showcases the Najdi style, native to Saudi Arabia.

How do they travel?

House of Saud has made air travel an experience to remember with its custom Boeing 747-400, one of the world’s largest commercial planes, which they’ve outfitted to become a flying mansion with bedrooms, luxurious bathrooms featuring gold-plated fixtures, and other luxurious amenities that would turn any journey into an extraordinary voyage.

What about their car collection?

The members of the House of Saud have an affinity for luxury cars. Turki Bin Abdullah, a Saudi billionaire, boasts a collection of vehicles worth approximately $22 million. His garage boasts iconic automobiles like a Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe, Mercedes Jeep and Lamborghini Aventador SuperVeloce – as well as one gold-plated Aventador SV that comes with an estimated $1.2 million price tag!

Mohammed bin Salman and the House of Saud are an embodiment of both tradition and modernity, embodying both aspects of Saudi Arabian history and culture while being agents of change with an unyielding vision for its future.

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