More Than 10 Lightning Bolts Hit the Same Place in a Matter of Seconds (VIDEO)

If you thought lightning crashing down on the same spot more than once was impossible, then you are in for a treat because the footage you’re about to see will shock you. (no pun intended).

Andrea Hopkin, a resident of the state of Montana (USA), recorded a video that shows how several lightning strikes in a few moments in the same place during a storm. In a matter of seconds in the sky covered with gray clouds more than 10 electric shocks hit the same target.

Hopkin recorded the electrifying video in Missoula County on August 2, and a few days later it was published by different means.

On the day of the impressive scene, the Missoula National Meteorological Service warned of storms accompanied by intense lightning, strong winds and hail in the southwest of the county, and advised local residents not to go outside.


Source: ActualidadRT