More than 4,800 flights were canceled on Tuesday after heavy snowfall in the US

Snowfall us airportAdverse weather conditions, snowfalls, and strong winds caused cancellation and delays of more than 4,800 flights in the United States on Tuesday.

Bad weather violated air communication with the airports of Newark (New Jersey), Boston (Massachusetts), Chicago (Illinois), Detroit (Michigan). The most serious situation was at La Guardia Airport in New York. On Tuesday, 497 flights were canceled, 89 more were postponed.

At the International Airport, John F. Kennedy, in New York was a little bit calmer with 244 flights canceled and 120 postponed, mainly on domestic routes.

The airlines asked the customers to check the flight status before going to the airport.

According to weather forecasts, more than 5 cm of snow will fall in the New York area in the next few hours. The city authorities have already taken to the streets about 1,600 units of snow removal equipment.

The snow and ice combination caused significant travel delays and widespread power outages across the interior Northeast as snow and ice expanded into New York City and Boston throughout the day. Disruptive snow and ice are also targeting the Midwest, including in and around Detroit and Chicago.