More than Half of the Army’s Air Assault Helicopters are Out of Order

The National Army Air Assault Division has 42 Black Hawk helicopters and only 15 of them are in operation; The rest is stopped due to lack of maintenance.

As confirmed by the National Army, resources were requested from the United States to strengthen the brigade against drug trafficking and he asked them to put them to work to begin supporting the work of that unit; It is not even ruled out that the cooperation of that country is reflected with new aircraft.

From the Military Forces it was assured that these helicopters are not working, due to a series of annotations from the manufacturing company, which forced them to rethink all the maintenance and spare parts.

Although the division has resources to solve maintenance problems, commitments to the United States include betting on improvements to receive more resources.

Army sources assured RCN Radio that they hope that before the end of March the 27 helicopters can be put into operation in the brigade against drug trafficking.

The cooperation between the two countries includes military exercises of the Colombian and United States navies, which are being carried out in Cartagena and whose purpose is not only to exchange knowledge, but also to strengthen cooperation actions in the fight against crime and defense from both countries.

These joint exercises are carried out near the Marine Corps Special Forces Battalion, which is located in the Manzanillo del Mar sector, in the northern part of the city.

The mayor of the United States Army, César Santiago, spokesman for the Southern Special Operations Command, said that “the United States Army regularly participates in bilateral military exercises and activities around the world to strengthen relations with our partners and advance in regional security.”




Source: Rcnradio