Move All Heavy Industry into Space: Jeff Bezos Believes that this is the Only way to Save Planet Earth

Money may not give you happiness, but what it does make possible is to fulfill dreams or at least facilitate the way to make them come true.

It seems that it is common among the main technological magnates at the time they looked at the space, but Jeff Bezos thought to go much further in that of space travel.

Amazon’s father is also from Blue Origin, an aerospace company that has trips to the Moon among its plans as well as space tourism, coming to collaborate with NASA.

Although we have seen their successful missions in recent years, Bezos had in mind for years more than just visiting our satellite, considering bringing the industry to the Moon to save Earth.

When we talk about what was the richest human being in the world for a few hours, it seems that few things can escape from his hands, although what he raised on this occasion is as ambitious as it is not viable at the moment.

It is an idea that he already raised as a student at the institute and that he reaffirmed last Saturday at the International Air & Space Hall of Fame in San Diego, speaking of the Earth as “a national park.”

“I think one day the Earth will be a residential and light industry zone. We will move all the heavy industry into space; it is the only way to save the planet.” Jeff Bezos

The businessman commented that we have to reduce costs in the space industry to achieve that it has just taken off (never better) and that space travel is much more dynamic and practical, reducing the time between one and the other and everything that is currently does at the end of one (referring to disassembly, inspections, etc.).

The idea is that it is something more similar to flights with airplanes: take a trip, land, refuel and fly again.

“The time has come to return to the Moon. The time has come to stay.” Jeff Bezos

His company, like Elon Musk‘s, has made its commitment to reusable rockets and its vertical landing on platforms and his idea is that there is a “true operational usability”, that the rockets go to space and return to Earth regularly.

He spoke of the Moon as a “great gift” that has been given to us, visualizing the use of water from craters for rocket energy and taking advantage of the fact that, according to him, the energy needed to lift a pound (slightly less than half a kilo) is 24 minor in space.

The uncontrolled exploitation of resources on our planet has caused some to begin to be scarce and that the climate has changed practically without remedy.

Against this background, Bezos speaks of “we have to move through the solar system” in order to continue using “more and more energy and resources to build wonderful things”, but the approach is long term, rather long term.


Source: Xataka