Mysterious Ring-Shaped Black Cloud that Hovers in the Sky leaves Pakistan Residents Confused and Nervous [VIDEO]

A mysterious O-shaped black cloud discovered over a city in Pakistan has sparked a wave of unusual theories from both residents and worldwide Internet users, and some suggest that the strange sight is an omen of an alien invasion.

Seeing itself hovering over Lahore on Tuesday, the “evil cloud,” as some have called it, left perplexed viewers, many of whom turned to social media to try to get to the bottom of what they had just witnessed.

One user joked that the air phenomenon was nothing more than a fashion statement from the city of Lahore, letting the world know.

Others soon intervened to observe similar conclusions made in other parts of the world, with a user sharing a clip taken in Dubai of the same phenomenon.

While some users thought they were missing an elaborate joke of some kind, dark ring-shaped clouds have been seen all over the world.

The explanation is more mundane than an extraterrestrial offensive or a portal to hell, however, it is most likely caused by a small explosion or combustion.

In an infamous case in the United Kingdom in 2014, called “Black Ring of Leamington Spa“, the object was created by fireworks.


Watch the videos below:


Source: Extranotix