NASA Captured Spectacular Image of Saturn’s Rings

The NASA published in their social networks a new image of Saturn, the sixth planet in the solar system that is characterized by being surrounded by rings.

In the photo, you can see in detail the composition of the hoops, which shine like never before, some specialized media report.

In this photo, you can see the dimension of Saturn's rings. Photo: NASA

According to the United States space agency, the Hubble space telescope managed to capture the snapshot when the planet reached its closest point with Earth on June 20: approximately 1.3 billion kilometers away, RT says.

This revelation arose after the pattern followed by the telescope of the OPAL (Outer Planet Atmospheres Legacy) program of NASA, where they periodically evaluate the evolution of the gas giants that surround us.

“Saturn is so beautiful that astronomers cannot resist using the Hubble to take annual snapshots when it is the closest distance to Earth. However, these images are more than beautiful postcards: they reveal exquisite details of the ring system and the atmosphere,” the space agency said in its Twitter account.


Source: Larepublica